Ginger Flower Power Pop (3 Pack)

We love using Organic Fijian Ginger in our tea for its amazing taste and holistic properties like the ability to ease nausea, help sore throats, and provide a high level of antioxidant protection.

Little Steven's Underground Apothecary has created a delicious new way to take Wakaya Ginger with you on the go. Introducing the Ginger Flower Power Pop! Wellness and flavor in a convenient handmade lollipop ready for you whenever you need it. Ginger Flower Power Pops are not only a tasty treat but will help boost your immune system as well.

Flower Power Pops are great on their own but we also recommend stirring them into Little Steven's Underground Apothecary teas for an extra burst of flavor.


Organic Raw Cane Sugar
Clover Honey
Filtered Water
Ginger Powder
Black Pepper
Coconut Extract