Stevie's Java Caramel Medium Roast Ground Coffee (8 OZ)

Little Steven's Underground Apothecary has created amazing boutique teas, lollipops, and other holistic products and are proud to introduce our new line of coffee!

Our Medium roast caramel coffee grind is brown in color and has a medium acidity, as well as a rounded flavor profile with a smooth buttery caramel flavor. This roast is perfect for anyone who wants a slightly less intense coffee taste that still retains the distinct flavors of the regional Nicaraguan bean, adding sweet caramel flavor to satisfy those sweet cravings.

Grown in volcanic soil in Nicaragua, this small batch, single source coffee is Organic, Non GMO, Fair Trade, shade grown, and most importantly rainforest friendly supporting the three pillars of rainforest sustainability: social, economic, and environmental.

Our compostable stand up pouches are made using renewable Plantcell technology. All components including zippers and valves are made from plants and are fully biodegradable and compostable. They break down into healthy compost leaving no microplastics and conform to all major compost certifications including OK Compost Home and AS5810. Positive impact per 1000kg: 850 kg fossil fuel removed / 288 kgCO² carbon footprint reduced / 1000 kg ocean plastics collected.