Ginger Manuka & Kava Manuka Tea Combo (20 Sachets Ea)

Can’t decide which wicked wellness tea to go with? We get it, so we bundled our wellness into a combo package. Taste the warm bite of Wakaya’s organic ginger blended with Australian Manuka honey. This blend will soothe your stomach and body all day long. When it comes time to call it a day, a fresh cup of Fijian Kava and Manuka honey tea will give you the rest you need to conquer tomorrow. Enjoy the Wicked Cool Wellness tea lineup to help you change the world!



 - Organic Wakaya Ginger 
 - Manuka Honey
 - Organic Ginger PCS Crystalized 
 - Ground Cinnamon 
 - Organic Coconut PCS
 - Organic Coconut Flavor 
 - Organic Black Pepper 



- Wakaya Kava
- Manuka Honey
- Organic Cardamom Seeds
- Organic Wakaya Ginger
- Organic Cinnamon Ground
- Organic Cardamom Flavor
- Organic Vanilla Flavor 
- Organic Cloves