Stevie Van Zandt is a musician, performer, songwriter, arranger, producer, actor, director, international DJ, activist, historian, teacher, New York Times best-selling author, New Jersey Hall of Famer, and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer. He is recognized internationally as one of the world's foremost authorities on both contemporary and traditional rock and soul....

After helping create the "Jersey Shore" sound with the Asbury Jukes, he became a founding member of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band and went on to become a successful solo artist in his own right, recording and performing with his band Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul. He co-starred in all seven seasons of the Sopranos, playing the principal character "Silvio Dante," a role that he created. He starred in, co-wrote, executive produced, provided music supervision and scoring, and directed the final episode of the award-winning series "Lilyhammer," which was the first original programming for Netflix. In 2001, he launched "Little Steven's Underground Garage," his internationally syndicated radio show and the most successful syndicated rock music radio show in the past 40 years. Steven also created and produces the first two channels of original content on SiriusXM Satellite Radio, the Underground Garage (Channel 21) and Outlaw Country (Channel 60). In 2006, he launched his record label, Wicked Cool Records, to further support new rock and roll.

And now, Stevie has partnered with Wakaya Perfection to create Wicked Cool Wellness and Little Steven's Underground Apothecary.

We may be the only country in the world that considers healthcare an afterthought. We invest almost exclusively in cures when we should be at least equally or more focused on prevention. The COVID pandemic has revealed and exaggerated the major flaw in our culture that has always existed: the fact that we choose to ignore the poisons, chemicals, and additives in our food at the expense of our already far too fragile immune systems. Our holistic remedies are created to turn on the immune system, tune in to control our own wellness, and drop out of the unnatural food chain. Some will relax you, some will energize you, and all will help defend you until we live in the poison-free environment we all deserve.

Wakaya Perfection cultivates some of the finest quality, single-source, wellness ingredients in the world from their small farms in Fiji and Nicaragua, which are 100% grown and harvested by locals with loving hands, with no machinery or pesticides ever used. Their crops are famous around the world for their flavor and potency. Stevie and Wakaya worked together to create amazing boutique teas, coffees, and other holistic products utilizing Wakaya's ginger, turmeric, kava, and manuka honey. This combination of high-end wellness ingredients may not only boost your immune system but also taste amazing!

Teach Rock

Feeling good with Wicked Cool Wellness also leads to doing good. When you buy from us, 10% of all our profits are donated to the non-profit, which harnesses the history of popular music to create engaging, multicultural lesson plans for classrooms at no cost.

TeachRock uses the lens of music to help students connect all subjects, with innovative lesson plans developed by experienced educators and top experts in the field from history, social studies, and language arts to geography, media studies, science, general music, and more. All state certified lesson plans are based around popular music, which provides immediate common ground with children’s interests and passions no matter the subject.

This online educational resource is offered at NO COST to educators and individuals everywhere. With over 200 lesson plans it is now used by more than 65,000 teachers in all 50 states, with 21 official partner schools, and has reached over 1,000,000 students.

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