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Wicked Cool Wellness

"Royal Warrant" Tongan Kava (rough cut) - 1 KG

"Royal Warrant" Tongan Kava (rough cut) - 1 KG

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Leka Hina

Our "Royal Warrant" kava powder is the only kava grown on the King's Private Estates in the Kingdom of Tonga. Our long-standing commitment to island nation has resulted in our ability to be the sole importer of these rare, premium roots.  

Our kava root powder will help you relax, destress and enjoy a better night's sleep. Wicked Cool kava has always been the best  and our Royal Warrant Tongan kava continues this tradition.

The powder is slightly course, meaning it requires straining before drinking, just as has been done for thousands of years by Pacific Islanders.

With a blender or by hand, mix 2 tablespoons of kava powder per cup of warm, but not boiling, water. Blend or shake vigorously. Let rest for about 5 minutes. Strain through fine mesh or a muslin bag. Relax, enjoy, repeat! 

Wicked Cool kava is comprised of 100% precious root material. It is single-sourced, hand planted, hand harvested, grown exclusively in virgin, volcanic soil and irrigated with nothing but pure rainwater. 

Unlike some kava producers, we allow our plants to mature for at least five years before harvesting, resulting in superior potency. Equally important, we never flash dry our roots, instead letting them dehydrate naturally for weeks under the island sun. This process ensures the final product retains the maximum amount healing compounds.

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