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Pink Fijian Ginger & Black Tea (20 sachets)

Pink Fijian Ginger & Black Tea (20 sachets)

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On Wakaya Island in Fiji, we grow the finest ginger on earth. Now, we have combined that gingery goodness with organic black tea, organic black pepper and natural Bergamot oil to provide you an eye-opening kick of health and wellness. One steamy mug adds the perfect South Pacific zest to your day.

Pink Fijian Ginger & Black Tea ingredients:
 Pink Fijian ginger 
 Organic black tea
 Organic black pepper
 Natural Bergamot oil

Historically, ginger has been used to:

  • Relieve nausea, upset stomach, bloating, gas, motion sickness, morning sickness
  • Treat cough, colds, flu, bronchitis, respiratory infections
  • Suppress cancer growth
  • Reduce inflammation and decrease muscle soreness
  • Combat arthritis, chest, menstrual and low back pain

Wakaya Perfection ginger is comprised of 100% precious root material. It is single-sourced from family farms, hand planted, hand harvested, grown exclusively in virgin, volcanic soil and irrigated with nothing but pure rainwater. Never flash-dried. Always perfect. 

No preservatives, no additives, vegan, kosher certified. Grown without chemical herbicides, chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers. 

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